Friday, 8 October 2010

A Shrewd Move by Red Ed

So! A shocker was revealed today! Rather than Ed Balls or his wife being given the top job of Shadow Chancellor it was instead given to the former Postman Alan Johnson. I thought he'd be given something senior, such as Shadow Foreign Secretary, but certainly not Shadow Chancellor.
Now, this can be viewed in a couple of ways. The first way is that Ed la Rouge is simply trying to stop a repeat of the public soap opera which was a two members of a family fighting it out to one job, as the leadership was. Trying to prevent a public split such as when his brother flounced off in a huff. The second way, the one which I follow, is that he is putting up the genuinely likable and self made Alan Johnson against the (or so they will try and show him to be) cold and aristocratic George Osborne. It will present this seemingly normal chap against a seemingly aloof Osbourn as the cuts hit. I believe this is what Labour is trying to do. Now, there is a third reason also. Ed Balls and his wife are both quite independently minded (especially the former). Placing the economically illiterate Alan Johnson as the Treasury could mean that Miliband, being a trained economist, has a full grip over it and won't let the Brown/Blair sagas repeat. It could, of course, be all three mixed together.

Balls at the Home Office makes sense. He's Labour's best attack dog and T. May is the coalition's most senior weak link. His wife as Foreign Sec. was a surprise but also makes sense; a senior role, just not the role of Chancellor. Jim Murphy at defence shows that Labour doesn't take defence seriously. I would have been tempted to put an attack dog in here to try and force cracks in the coalition, Liam Fox being the favourite to resign. But, as a Tory, who am I to tell the Labour leader how to do his job! Bringing back Peter Hain, despite the fact he lost on the vote, was just silly. I expect it's some sort of empty gesture to show they still represent Labour's heartland (Wales).

The rest are a bit dull. A pretty much unknown cabinet for an unknown leader.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

No Pressure - the Debrief

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. God bless the Internet, eh. Some clever spark has gone and created a downfall parody for that Richard Curtis 'No Pressure' video in which we saw the green movements desire to eliminate those who don't agree with them. Indeed I heard that not long back, when he was Sec. of State for Ecological Correctness, Ed Miliband called those who didn't agree with the green movement "saboteurs"; a lexical choice loved by histories greatest tyrant, Stalin. Food for thought there.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

No Pressure, say the eco - fascists.

The '10:10' Campaign whose mission statement is to cut carbon "10% at a time" has released (and then pulled back) a rather shocking video in which their message is that if you don't cut your carbon; you're dead.

Take a look for yourself.

Pretty shocking stuff, eh? It's clear that the eco - fascists know no bounds in their campaign to dominate everyday peoples' lives. Make up your own mind.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Recognition For True Blue Tory Boy

Good news everyone. This blog has been named as the 71st best Conservative Blog in the UK by Total Politics Magazine. I admit this came of something of a suprise seeing as my blogging has been a little try as of late. But never fear, normal service will resume!

Monday, 26 July 2010

44 Tory MPs Opposed to the Coalition Timetabling of the AV Vote

Bernard Jenkins has issued an Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for the date of the vote of the AV referendum to be de-coupled from the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament elections. Despite the efforts of the whips, 44 Tories have signed the EDM and I expect the number will grow. The full list of names (at time of publishing) is:

1.David Amess
2.Richard Bacon
3.Brian Binley
4.Peter Bone
5.Andrew Bridgen
6.Douglass Carswell
7.James Clappison
8.Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
9.Therese Coffey
10.Tracey Crouch
11.Glyn Davies
12.David Davis
13.Nadine Dorries
14.Michael Fallon
15.Mark Field
16.James Gray
17.Adam Holloway
18.Bernard Jenkin
19.Dan Kawczynski
20.Greg Knight
21.Eleanor Laing
22.Edward Leigh
23.Julian Lewis
24.Peter Lilley
25.Ian Liddell-Grainger
26.Jack Lopresti
27.Stephen McPartland
28.Mark Menzies
29.Patrick Mercer
30.Simon Mosely
31.David Nuttall
32.Richard Ottaway
33.Andrew Percy
34.Mark Reckless
35.John Redwood
36.Jacob Rees Mogg
37.Sir Malcolm Rifkind
38.Laurence Robertson
39.Andrew Rossindell
40.Richard Shephard
41.Bob Stewart
42.Graham Stuart
43.Robin Walker
44.John Whittingdale

Best of luck to Mr. Jenkins I say! Everyone knows that the Electoral Commission has recommended that referendums shouldn't be held on the same days as elections.

The full text of the EDM is:


That this House notes that in 2002 the Electoral Commission, following consultations on the holding of a possible referendum on the Euro on the same day as other elections on 1 May 2003, issued a statement making clear that referendums on fundamental issues of national importance should be considered in isolation and that they should not be held at the same time as devolved assembly or local government elections; further notes that in a recent report the House of Lords Constitution Committee recommended that there should be a presumption against holding referendums on the same day as elections; recognises that this advice is in accordance with best constitutional practice in countries such as Switzerland, where referendums are more regularly held; believes that this constitutional practice should be observed unless there are very exceptional reasons for it to be set aside; is concerned at the proposal to hold the referendum on whether to change the voting system on 5 May 2011, which is the same day as elections to the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales and to local authorities in Northern Ireland, but only in parts of England; further believes that this proposal would allow other issues to cloud the referendum debate before the vote, would artificially inflate turnout in some parts of the country but not others, and that it may accordingly advantage one campaign at the expense of the other; proposes that any referendum on this issue should therefore be held on a different date; and looks forward to advice from the Electoral Commission on this matter which is consistent with its previous statements.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The TPA's Assessment of the Welfare State

The Tax Payers' Alliance has done an excellent survey of the welfare state and how it is discouraging people from working and punishing those who are married. I suggest that you watch this video and that the government takes it in to account so they can cut the deficit and get this country back to work and open for business again.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Let's Take a Moment to Think of She Who Took the Biggest Pay Cut in Today's Budget.

"Who, who?" You cry. I am of course talking about Her Majesty the Queen. In a public spirited fashion HM has agreed with the chancellor that the Civil List should be frozen at £7.9 million. Because this tiny figure has been frozen for the past 20 years it means that the £7.9 million is now worth 25% of what it once was. The Queen therefore has taken a 75% pay cut; partially implemented when we were in the good years when Labour felt the need to throw money into black holes. But, overall this figure reminds us of what a marvellous head of state that HM is, shown by the fact that she has identified the need for everyone to tighten their belts. This is of course despite the fact that Buckingham Palace is in need of some major repairs.

Something else announced by Mr. Osbourn was the fact that alternate ways of funding the monarch, such as out of the Crown Estate, were being considered. This is a good move that should hopefully fund our head of state properly and help the benefits we reap from it to continue for years to come.

So let's take a moment to say thanks to the Queen for taking the biggest pay cut of all and say God Save the Queen!

Biased BBC Strikes Again

Came across a charming little story on the BBC today with the bold opening that reads "Some 98% of climate scientists that publish research on the subject support the view that human activities are warming the planet". Well that settles it then, seeing as science has always been done by consensus.... A good example of when science doesn't work by democracy is this little example I heard about: For a hundred years all doctors backed that peptic ulcer is caused by stomach acid. Guess what happened? Two Australian doctors discovered that, almost all ulcers are made by bacteria! Science is NOT done by consensus.

However, it goes much deeper than this with regard to this AGW report. The Telegraph puts it rather nicely when it states that:

"The results showed that "unconvinced" scientists accounted for just three of the 100 most prolific authors on the subject, while papers by "convinced" scientists were more frequently cited in other research. "

Well, as the Climate Gate emails showed (which the BBC refused to report on!!!), sceptical scientists were blocked from publishing their peer reviewed paper by the alarmists. Therefore it is totally obvious that there are fewer peer reviewed sceptical papers!

Once again the BBC proves itself to be totally biased and politically motivaed when AGW is bought up. Perhaps a good reason to threaten to flog it off, perhaps....... The BBC needs to sort itself out and regain the political neutrality which it has always claimed to be.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Get Well Soon Nigel!

News has reached me that former UKIP leader and one of my favourite politicians, Nigel Farage, was involved in a plane crash today whilst out campaigning to oust Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

So this is just a quick post to say to Nigel get well soon and I hope you manage to oust Bercow tonight. Let's face it, if you were in Parliament PMQT viewing figures would go through the roof!

Get well soon to the pilot too!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

No Confidence in Lib Dem Defence Plans

An open letter was published in today's Time from a number of defence experts savaging the Lib Dems plans to leave Britain undefended. The experts, including Peter Clarke, the former National Counter Terrorism Co-ordinator, Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the Secret Intelligence Service, and General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, former Chief of the Defence Staff, said that the Lib Dem's plans would leave Britain weakened on the world stage and vulnerable to terrorism.

Above: General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank

These gentlemen have attacked the Lib Dem's plans to scrap control orders and the uncertainty of the Lib Dem's Trident plans and have stated that the Lib Dem's plans had escaped proper scrutiny. They also went on to say that the Lib Dem's confusion over the mission in Afghanistan left it outside the broad consensus of the two parties.

The Lib Dems have since responded to these attacks by stating that they were merely "scaremongering". Does this arrogant, high minded response not stink of Labour when they refused to listen to the experts on the mission in Afghanistan with regards to helicopters and shortages of equipment? The answer is yes, and it shows that the Lib Dems, should they be part of a coalition with Labour, will continue to harm the country and continue to harm HM Armed Forces just as Labour has done over the past 13 years.

Monday, 3 May 2010

TrueBlueToryBoy Has Entered the Modern Age

You heard it here first, TrueBlueToryBoy is now on Twitter!

So feel free to follow me and share and read my 'tweets'

Gordon in the Dock!

Our election broadcast for tonight!

I just want to be somewhat picky about it for a moment. First it should be 'The People v Gordon Brown', not the People vs Gordon Brown'. Also assuming it's a Private Prosecution (because it's 'The People v Gordon Brown' rather than R v Gordon Brown) it wouldn't have a jury. Other than that it was a great job! Bring on Thursday!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

One of the Few Good Things About the Lib Dem Surge

The X Factor TV Debates has seen a ridiculously unprecedented and unscrutinised surge in support for the Lib Dems without anybody really knowing what they stand for (letting petty criminals off, giving rapists, paedophiles and murders the vote and
selling us to the EU). It would obviously be a poor result if these anti people policies were ever allowed to be implemented.

However this surge does have one good result and it might be to stop that nutty communist, Dr Caroline Lucas of the Green Party, from becoming an MP in the Brighton Pavilion Constituency. I just give a quick explanation about how this woman previously had a chance of actually getting in so you don't just switch off in disgust. Basically in 2005 election their candidate, Keith Taylor, came third in this constituency pushing the Lib Dems into forth place. The Greens realised that the Lib Dem supporters had abandoned the Lib Dems and were voting for the Greens instead and so focused on trying the get more and more Lib Dems on their side. It was widely regarded that in Brighton Pavilion this General Election t was very much going to be a two horse race between the Conservatives and the Greens, in fact the Conservative candidate said as much on the Daily Politics show.

However now the Lib Dems are all popular again and riding, in most polls, in a comfortable second place. I am now pretty sure that with this Lib Dem support and Clegg's goodish performance in the debates, all those Lib Dems who were voting Green back in 2005 will go back home to their candidate, the left wing vote will split and the Tory will kick out the Labour MP. Well, let's all hope so anyway.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Man Made Global Warming. Is it a Scam?

Firstly, I would like to apologise to my reader for the extremely long period of absence, I am terribly sorry.

So I thought I'd treat you to a video I picked up on the Internet of former Tory Lord Christopher Monckton, (the man who created the Right to Buy Scheme for Mrs. Thatcher) lecturing at St. Paul (wherever that is??) about the falsities produced by people like Al Gore.

So buckle up for an hour and a half of witty, entertaining and, quite strangely, interesting science.

This video truly is an education and I implore you that even if you aren't interested in science please, PLEASE watch it.

I admit that I am no scientist and I would advise you, as with everything, to approach this with a certain degree of scepticism. It is interesting to hear another opinion on the matter though.

Now I do hope you understand this isn't just a cheap attempt to post something without doing much work.......

Monday, 22 February 2010

Hugo Chavez and a Lecture in Democracy

A rather interesting story came up on the Telegraph's website this evening which reported that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, used his weekly Presidential address to the nation to criticise us (i.e. Britain) over our ownership of the Falkland Island. "Look, England, how long are you going to be in Las Malvinas? Queen of England, I'm talking to you," were the words used in his address to the Venezuelan people. He also asked "why the English speak of democracy but still have a Queen".

I find it ironic that Chavez feels he has the right to talk about democracy when, he is in my opinion, the greatest threat to democracy in South America. He recently shut down six television channels which refused to transmit Government messages, he promised to expel foreigners from Venezuela who criticised him and has taken control of businesses in Venezuela.

I also find it ironic that he has completely ignored to democratic will of the Falkland islanders themselves who have constantly said they wish to remain British. But this is typical Chavez, he ignore anyone who disagrees with him.

I think it's time Her Majesty did what the King of Spain did back in 2007 when he infamously told Mr. Chavez to "shut up".

Monday, 15 February 2010

Gordon Brown and Piers Morgan - Politics at a New Low.

Last night we saw Piers Morgan interviewing Gordon Brown with the most personal details of his life dragged out onto the screen. Mr. Brown, a serving Prime Minister, was asked a series of completely non-political related questions (although this was clearly a pre - election stunt) including whether he had joined the Mile High Club, about his childhood and about his children.

It is my opinion it is so sad when politics is dragged into this sort of low, a low which is suitable for Z-list celebrities rather than the holder of the position of the Queen's First Minister.

What will we see next. How the Tories will choose their next leader by sending him through Big Brother? Or how about the Lib Dems going through "I'm a Celebrity get me Out of Here"?

If we continue to trivialise politics in such a way then it is simply going to lead to more and more of the electorate being turned off politics and with that fewer and fewer people voting.

Friday, 12 February 2010

I'd Rather Have the Dinosaurs than the Cuties

The recent controversy with the Westminster North Conservatives attracted my attention as it appears to be a repeat of the Turnip Taliban affair. In the Turnip Taliban affair I fully supported the activists who simply wanted a local candidate with decent morals to represent them, as opposed to Elizabeth Truss who knew nothing of farming and the local area and who had conducted an affair with a sitting Conservative MP Mark Field.

This time the "A - Lister" is Joanne Cash. This woman is tipped to be Housing Minister in Cameron's cabinet and has no links with Westminster North. She came to light in the media recently for her childish antics where she used her links with "Call Me Dave" to force Amanda Sayers, the woman seeking another term as Chairwoman of the Association to resign. Cash had clearly won the battle but when was put forward for the vacant role of President of the Association. Cash then stormed announced she was resigning as the PPC and stormed out. This childish display, in my opinion, showed her to be unsuitable.

Despite this clearly being a local issue Eric Pickles, Chairman of the Conservatives, saw fit to come down to make sure that Cash was reinstated. David Cameron was also said to be on the phone and he was "livid". Despite Ms Sayers clearly offering a compromise the big wigs from Central office then forced her to resign as President.

Cash then goes on Twitter to announce she is reinstating herself as PPC and it was found in her bio to say "RIP Dinosaurs". These so called Dinosaurs are the back bone of the Conservative party. The ones who go out leafletting, holding coffee mornings and spend their time canvassing.

Above: Cash's Twitter Profile where she tells the Dinosaurs to RIP.

It's PC friendly, so called "modernisers" such as Cash, Cameron and Truss that are breaking our party apart. They ignore the hard work of local activists and treat them with contempt. Just look at the way Sir Jeremy Bagge was treated with the Turnip Taliban affair, he was actively persecuted by central office. We real Conservatives, us Dinosaurs, are hated by Cameron as he tries to impose Notting Hill, metropolitan candidates upon us to prove his contempt. Cameron is facing a Social Conservative challenge to his leadership as he continues to ignore us and he will be remembered as the Conservative leader who snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory.

Frankly the Westminster North Labour party should be sending a bottle of Champagne round to their Conservative counterparts and thanking them for letting them keep a seat. Central Office; LEAVE US ALONE and let us make up our own mind.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Broken Britain? The Electorate Thinks So.

The political row over the so called 'broken Britain' came back into the news last month with David Cameron accusing the Prime Minister of "moral failure". Many people criticised the leader of the opposition for politicising the event, stating it was in "bad taste". I do believe that there was a certain politicisation of this event, but I also believe that Mr. Cameron was right to do this. I do believe that Britain is broken.

And a large percentage of people agree with me. A poll in the Times today revealed that a large proportion of the population also believe that our society is broken. According to the poll, a massive three quarters of the people asked believed that our society is broken. This huge amount clearly shows an unprecedented moral failure has been reached by Labour.

One option put forth for fixing broken Britain is a return to National Service. I have always liked this option. It gives the young men taking part a sense of pride in themselves, their country and in their comrades. Anybody who watched the ITV show 'Bad Lads Army' will see the results that were produced from the young men who took part, who in all honesty, could only be described as society's dregs. These young men became respectful, polite and developed a sense of self respect.

However this is not the only thing needed to fix 'Broken Britain'. The bedrock of the family, marriage, has been abused under Labour who have failed to see its importance whilst every other European country celebrates this most precious of institutions. 70% of young offenders are from lone-parent families and yet Labour has failed to address this. Are tax breaks the answer to encouraging marriage? Absolutely not, under the Conservative's plans only those well off would truly benefit. However it is my opinion that rather than tax breaks the plan the save marriage should be that a couple may only receive monetary child benefits if the child is born in wedlock or only after the parents of the child marry. Some readers will criticise this stating "what about people who just get married for a few days for the birth of the child and then leave each other" or "what about people who have a divorce because of an unhappy or abusive relationship". For the both these cases I believe that the parent should only be allowed to continue receiving benefits after divorce if the marriage lasted more than 3 years. If you want any more evidence then one must simply look towards to closely knit families of the Asian community in Britain. Despite being among the poorest they are, on average, ahead of their white counterparts in school.

I believe that with these two measures British society CAN, and will be saved. We must promote the family and give the lost youth a sense of pride in themselves and their country.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Problem with PR

Many people along the Political spectrum cite proportional representation as the only true democratic form. They say it is the only form of voting which produce legitimate parliaments (and through them Governments) because it represents all the views of the electorate across the political spectrum. Now let ME tell you why this is a lie.

Here in Great Britain there is a real chance of a Hung Parliament, meaning that Nick Clegg will become the King-Maker to either Labour or the Conservatives. At present the Lib Dems are scoring between 18 - 20% of the vote in the opinion polls and if they did become the King-Makers in a hung Parliament then at least they represent a large amount of the electorate. However in democracies that use proportional representation then we find that the King-makers are not large parties with a large amount of support, but they are small parties with only a tiny amount of the people voting for them. For example look at Germany with its Free Democratic Party (FDP), this party only holds 5% (an average, currently at 14%) of the vote, yet has held on to the Foreign Ministry for decades. Is it fair that such a small party, with so few supporters should decide which party should lead a nation?

PR gives us small parties with a disproportionate power over the government. It also allows those small parties to force the larger parties that they have crow-bared into government to implement their policies and to make concessions.

In conclusion PR gives you weak governments, governments not representative of the people and political parties that have to make changes so that they betray the voter. Overall PR supporters are the enemy of democracy, trying to make Governments unaccountable to the electorate!