Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Let's Take a Moment to Think of She Who Took the Biggest Pay Cut in Today's Budget.

"Who, who?" You cry. I am of course talking about Her Majesty the Queen. In a public spirited fashion HM has agreed with the chancellor that the Civil List should be frozen at £7.9 million. Because this tiny figure has been frozen for the past 20 years it means that the £7.9 million is now worth 25% of what it once was. The Queen therefore has taken a 75% pay cut; partially implemented when we were in the good years when Labour felt the need to throw money into black holes. But, overall this figure reminds us of what a marvellous head of state that HM is, shown by the fact that she has identified the need for everyone to tighten their belts. This is of course despite the fact that Buckingham Palace is in need of some major repairs.

Something else announced by Mr. Osbourn was the fact that alternate ways of funding the monarch, such as out of the Crown Estate, were being considered. This is a good move that should hopefully fund our head of state properly and help the benefits we reap from it to continue for years to come.

So let's take a moment to say thanks to the Queen for taking the biggest pay cut of all and say God Save the Queen!


  1. Couldn't agree more.

  2. Crazy.

    So 8 million is a noble sacrifice, £60 a week is money we can't afford to throw away on dole scrounging scumbags?