Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Man Made Global Warming. Is it a Scam?

Firstly, I would like to apologise to my reader for the extremely long period of absence, I am terribly sorry.

So I thought I'd treat you to a video I picked up on the Internet of former Tory Lord Christopher Monckton, (the man who created the Right to Buy Scheme for Mrs. Thatcher) lecturing at St. Paul (wherever that is??) about the falsities produced by people like Al Gore.

So buckle up for an hour and a half of witty, entertaining and, quite strangely, interesting science.

This video truly is an education and I implore you that even if you aren't interested in science please, PLEASE watch it.

I admit that I am no scientist and I would advise you, as with everything, to approach this with a certain degree of scepticism. It is interesting to hear another opinion on the matter though.

Now I do hope you understand this isn't just a cheap attempt to post something without doing much work.......

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