Saturday, 1 May 2010

One of the Few Good Things About the Lib Dem Surge

The X Factor TV Debates has seen a ridiculously unprecedented and unscrutinised surge in support for the Lib Dems without anybody really knowing what they stand for (letting petty criminals off, giving rapists, paedophiles and murders the vote and
selling us to the EU). It would obviously be a poor result if these anti people policies were ever allowed to be implemented.

However this surge does have one good result and it might be to stop that nutty communist, Dr Caroline Lucas of the Green Party, from becoming an MP in the Brighton Pavilion Constituency. I just give a quick explanation about how this woman previously had a chance of actually getting in so you don't just switch off in disgust. Basically in 2005 election their candidate, Keith Taylor, came third in this constituency pushing the Lib Dems into forth place. The Greens realised that the Lib Dem supporters had abandoned the Lib Dems and were voting for the Greens instead and so focused on trying the get more and more Lib Dems on their side. It was widely regarded that in Brighton Pavilion this General Election t was very much going to be a two horse race between the Conservatives and the Greens, in fact the Conservative candidate said as much on the Daily Politics show.

However now the Lib Dems are all popular again and riding, in most polls, in a comfortable second place. I am now pretty sure that with this Lib Dem support and Clegg's goodish performance in the debates, all those Lib Dems who were voting Green back in 2005 will go back home to their candidate, the left wing vote will split and the Tory will kick out the Labour MP. Well, let's all hope so anyway.


  1. It's like the daily mail.

    Nevar forget young 'toryboy' (I imagine you exactly as depicted in Harry Enfield's sketch by the way) That just months ago, the conservatives were all about a televised debate as a way of goading Flash Gordon who seemed reluctant.

    Now you are mocking the debates themselves because they have blown up in your bloated face and practically ruined any hopes of a Tory majority (*snigger*)

    Now that is classic Mail-esque behaviour. Good show T0r££ B0yDeM

  2. I'd like to point out that TrueBlueToryBoy never supported the debates.