Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Biased BBC Strikes Again

Came across a charming little story on the BBC today with the bold opening that reads "Some 98% of climate scientists that publish research on the subject support the view that human activities are warming the planet". Well that settles it then, seeing as science has always been done by consensus.... A good example of when science doesn't work by democracy is this little example I heard about: For a hundred years all doctors backed that peptic ulcer is caused by stomach acid. Guess what happened? Two Australian doctors discovered that, almost all ulcers are made by bacteria! Science is NOT done by consensus.

However, it goes much deeper than this with regard to this AGW report. The Telegraph puts it rather nicely when it states that:

"The results showed that "unconvinced" scientists accounted for just three of the 100 most prolific authors on the subject, while papers by "convinced" scientists were more frequently cited in other research. "

Well, as the Climate Gate emails showed (which the BBC refused to report on!!!), sceptical scientists were blocked from publishing their peer reviewed paper by the alarmists. Therefore it is totally obvious that there are fewer peer reviewed sceptical papers!

Once again the BBC proves itself to be totally biased and politically motivaed when AGW is bought up. Perhaps a good reason to threaten to flog it off, perhaps....... The BBC needs to sort itself out and regain the political neutrality which it has always claimed to be.

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