Monday, 22 February 2010

Hugo Chavez and a Lecture in Democracy

A rather interesting story came up on the Telegraph's website this evening which reported that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, used his weekly Presidential address to the nation to criticise us (i.e. Britain) over our ownership of the Falkland Island. "Look, England, how long are you going to be in Las Malvinas? Queen of England, I'm talking to you," were the words used in his address to the Venezuelan people. He also asked "why the English speak of democracy but still have a Queen".

I find it ironic that Chavez feels he has the right to talk about democracy when, he is in my opinion, the greatest threat to democracy in South America. He recently shut down six television channels which refused to transmit Government messages, he promised to expel foreigners from Venezuela who criticised him and has taken control of businesses in Venezuela.

I also find it ironic that he has completely ignored to democratic will of the Falkland islanders themselves who have constantly said they wish to remain British. But this is typical Chavez, he ignore anyone who disagrees with him.

I think it's time Her Majesty did what the King of Spain did back in 2007 when he infamously told Mr. Chavez to "shut up".

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