Friday, 8 October 2010

A Shrewd Move by Red Ed

So! A shocker was revealed today! Rather than Ed Balls or his wife being given the top job of Shadow Chancellor it was instead given to the former Postman Alan Johnson. I thought he'd be given something senior, such as Shadow Foreign Secretary, but certainly not Shadow Chancellor.
Now, this can be viewed in a couple of ways. The first way is that Ed la Rouge is simply trying to stop a repeat of the public soap opera which was a two members of a family fighting it out to one job, as the leadership was. Trying to prevent a public split such as when his brother flounced off in a huff. The second way, the one which I follow, is that he is putting up the genuinely likable and self made Alan Johnson against the (or so they will try and show him to be) cold and aristocratic George Osborne. It will present this seemingly normal chap against a seemingly aloof Osbourn as the cuts hit. I believe this is what Labour is trying to do. Now, there is a third reason also. Ed Balls and his wife are both quite independently minded (especially the former). Placing the economically illiterate Alan Johnson as the Treasury could mean that Miliband, being a trained economist, has a full grip over it and won't let the Brown/Blair sagas repeat. It could, of course, be all three mixed together.

Balls at the Home Office makes sense. He's Labour's best attack dog and T. May is the coalition's most senior weak link. His wife as Foreign Sec. was a surprise but also makes sense; a senior role, just not the role of Chancellor. Jim Murphy at defence shows that Labour doesn't take defence seriously. I would have been tempted to put an attack dog in here to try and force cracks in the coalition, Liam Fox being the favourite to resign. But, as a Tory, who am I to tell the Labour leader how to do his job! Bringing back Peter Hain, despite the fact he lost on the vote, was just silly. I expect it's some sort of empty gesture to show they still represent Labour's heartland (Wales).

The rest are a bit dull. A pretty much unknown cabinet for an unknown leader.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

No Pressure - the Debrief

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. God bless the Internet, eh. Some clever spark has gone and created a downfall parody for that Richard Curtis 'No Pressure' video in which we saw the green movements desire to eliminate those who don't agree with them. Indeed I heard that not long back, when he was Sec. of State for Ecological Correctness, Ed Miliband called those who didn't agree with the green movement "saboteurs"; a lexical choice loved by histories greatest tyrant, Stalin. Food for thought there.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

No Pressure, say the eco - fascists.

The '10:10' Campaign whose mission statement is to cut carbon "10% at a time" has released (and then pulled back) a rather shocking video in which their message is that if you don't cut your carbon; you're dead.

Take a look for yourself.

Pretty shocking stuff, eh? It's clear that the eco - fascists know no bounds in their campaign to dominate everyday peoples' lives. Make up your own mind.